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Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P

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Deal found at: Walmart

As soon as you power on the player, it automatically goes where you last left off. The DVD Player includes a multi-brand remote control that can be used to operate your player and television from anywhere in the room. Also included are a reference guide, start-up guide and an AV cable.
Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player:

  • For DVD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, CD, CD+/-R, CD+/-RW, MP3, JPEG, AAC, WMA, LPCM, MPEG1, MPEG4, Kodak Picture CD formats
  • Dolby digital DVD player with Dolby digital out and DTS digital out
  • Component video, composite video and analog audio 2 channel outputs
  • Picture navigation
  • Title/chapter viewer
  • MP3 ID3 lyrics
  • Quick setup
  • Screen saver
  • Auto standby
  • 4 language displays
  • Sony DVD player includes a reference guide, start-up guide, remote control with batteries and an AV cable
  • careers/telecommuting
  • news/international news
  • sports/soccer

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The full story about Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P

By our senior writer: Filippa Mortensen

I've been waiting to write this article for a long time. But today I actually get to review the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P! I, Filippa Mortensen, write about electronics for a living as a writer, blogger and reviewer and you have probably read my pieces about the LG 49" Class FHD (1080P) Smart LED TV (49LJ5500) by Lg and the Verizon Samsung Galaxy J3 Mission 16GB Prepaid Smartphone, Black by Samsung. I also did an editorial piece on the $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card, Sony, [Digital Download], 799366792789. Needless to say, I have quite some experience testing electronics and I only want the best to my readers of course. So I was really thrilled when I got this product to write about today!


I've been a fan of Sony products1 for years and I was really looking forward to finally trying the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P and reviewing it for you guys. I found the best deal on this site on Walmart (You can buy the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P here.) and I didn't hesitate a moment. So I reached for my creditcard and bought one straight away. I was glad it had free shipping and 24 hours delivery when I ordered it because I couldn't wait! When my Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P arrived the next day I ripped open the packaging and was really happy with what I saw. As I said before I'm a huge Sony enthusiast but I can be very critical and objective too, especially when writing for my readers. :-) After testing it for about a week now I am confident that I have the authority to write this piece. So read on and I will tell you all about my findings and if you should buy this thing.

Best Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P deal


I mostly begin with a summary when reviewing electronics, then I write a list of the positive and negative points of the product after which I'll explain my rating and have a conclusion and of course the resources I used writing this article. So as made clear in the previous paragraphs, I am quite fond of the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P. Sony really went all out with this one. The quality is unmatched, and to be honest; it just looks amazing. I know looks aren't the most important aspect of electronics, but it does need to be talked about. And I'm sure it will when more people start to look at this masterpiece. The price alone that Walmart offers was and is by far the lowest, and should be enough reason to grab your wallet so make sure to check them out. I did test a lot of similar products before, I must admit none come even close to the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P. Just the functinality alone leaves all competition in the cold and the quality also proves to be up there. The customer service of Sony2 is known to always be very happy to assist if you have any question so if you ever need them they'll be really tolerant and helpful in looking for a solution. So just a quick recap; only good things to say about the Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P. Do finish this article tho because you there is sort of a surprise in the end!


The list of pros of this Sony DVD Player, DVPSR210P is going to be much longer than the conslist and the description3 this site gives already lists them quite well. To quote just an excerpt: "As soon as you power on the player, it automatically goes where you last left off. The DVD Player includes a multi-brand remote control that can be used to operate your player and television from anywhere in the room. Also included are a reference guide, start-up guide and an AV cable.
Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player:

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Other Reviews


Solid DVD player with great picture & sound

I bought this as an upgrade to my existing DVD player which died. It enhances existing DVDs up to 1080p HD. It also has a HDMI jack which improves the clarity and sound of the player. I was getting interference from the old 3 jack rca connectors. I am very happy with my purchase. And for $39.99, the price cannot be beat.


works as should

received this item in a nicely packed box that was in good shape. When I opened it I found a badly crushed box containing the dvd player and wondered if it would be damaged. Almost took it back to the store that way but needed to put it to use. it is working at this time so must be a tough little thing. Very surprised Walmart would ship such a damaged box. Remember the outside box was undamaged. Very surprised they would pack such a damaged box at the warehouse may think twice about online and Walmart.


so far so good

Bought this product instead of a blue ray player solely because I could connect to my stereo system. I use it more for playing CDs than I do for watching DVDs. On the plus side it plays both DVDs and CDs well. On the negative side you must press the open/close button twice (unless using remote) to load the CD. It takes a while to load and then requires you to hit the play button once loaded. The DVDs will auto play - just load DVD and close door and it begins playing. The description of the product says it will produce sound when fast forwarding or fast rewinding. I find this true only with the CDs and not with the DVDs. The remote can only be programmed for a TV. I was hoping to control my amplifier's volume as I did with my last Sony 5-disk player. The old remote seems to be working this player just fine so I don't use the supplied remote. Overall I say this product is worth it's cost and would recommend as long as you don't need all the bells and whistles.