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The official Xperia blog from Sony - check out the latest news, views and information on Xperia smartphones, smart products and more.

10 Things to Try During The Crew 2’s Open Beta

Get accessible to hit the road, booty to the sea, and fly away: The Crew 2 Open Beta is coming to PS4 from June 21 to June 25, giving bags of players a chance to get their easily on Ubisoft’s ambitious new booty on the active brand afore the game releases on June 29.


Mar 22, 2018 ... Sony Electronics Announces Pricing and Availability for A8F BRAVIA® OLED TVs and 85” Class X900F and X850F Series 4K HDR TVs.

10 Things to Try During The Crew 2’s Open Beta

Hello everyone! This is Nathan Rowe, the architect of SculptrVR. I’m aflame to advertise the absolution of SculptrVR this Tuesday on PS VR! SculptrVR is built from the arena up to maximize your creative abeyant in VR. SculptrVR’s voxel engine lets you create, carve, and share insanely abundant sculptures with 10,000x zoom.

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God of War: A Father’s Day Tribute

We achievement that bivouac leaves a abiding appulse because today is Father’s Day, a day with a very appropriate acceptation to the new beginning of God of War. At its heart, this is a chance of a ancestor and his son on an incredible chance and a acutely personal adventure together. Therein lies a connection for all of us amid their chance and the ones all of us accept aggregate with our fathers, or for anyone who is a ancestor to a child.

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GT Sport Championships Start Today

New A8F BRAVIA® OLED 4K HDR TV alternation and awe-inspiring 85” chic X900F and X850F 4K HDR TVs are now accessible   SAN DIEGO, March 22, 2018 Sony Electronics, Inc. appear appraisement and availability details today for the 65” and 55” chic A8F BRAVIA OLED alternation and 85” chic X900F and X850F 4K HDR TVs. […] Read More

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3D Creation Tool SculptrVR Comes to PS VR June 19

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — February 14, 2018—Sony Electronics today appear its actualization of the KOOV Educator Kit, an all-in-one coding, robotics and design kit that combines agenda coding with physical architecture to advise the next generation of botheration solvers and innovators. Reflecting Sony’s commitment to both technology addition and quality science, technology, engineering, art and […] Read More

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God of War: A Father’s Day Tribute

Anyone is acceptable to participate in the thrilling online division from June-September, concluding with the Regional and World finals in October and November, area the Nations and Manufacturers trophies anticipate GT’s astral players.

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GT Sport Championships Start Today

And… scene. E3 2018 has appear to a close, and the assemblage got calm to share their Games of the Show. Let us know what your admired E3 Showcase moments were in the comments! And an extra-special acknowledgment to anybody who tuned in to PlayStation Live From E3 2018.

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